Tips for Video Conferencing

Impressions Matter.

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Working from home is a big challenge; family interruptions, dogs barking, unkempt homes, and basic etiquette will affect the flow of your business meetings. Follow these 10 Tips on Video Conferencing to conduct better meetings.


1) Dress to Impress

Make sure you present and conduct yourself, in the same manner, you would at an in-person meeting. Do your hair, face, and press your clothes. Make sure you smile and appear attentive. Your more subtle emotes and gestures cues may be lost to capture quality; consider exaggerating your physical and audio cues to help your audience connect with you. Don’t cross your arms.

Ready Your Equipment

Test your software, mic and video, make sure you’re able to pull up your presentation and understand how to screen share. Have your materials ready and do dry runs for your presentation. Ensure the lighting is adequate and anything running on batteries like wireless headsets are fully charged.

Ready the Viewing Area

  • Make sure

Ready the Family

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  • Proper Lighting
  • Always be on mute
  • Setup a Background/ Reception Area
  • Focus. Sit up straight, sit still, and take notes.
  • Come Prepared – Scripts


  • Smile and look directly into the camera
  • Mute yourself
  • Take notes with a notebook
  • Hydrate! – Keep water close by
  • Verbal Ques

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Cyril Wong is the original Net Butlers. He has been building websites for over 30 years.

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