Why Everyone NEEDS to Start a Blog in 2023​

Blogging is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes to establish themselves as experts in their industry and build trust with potential customers. By providing valuable, informative content, businesses can demonstrate their knowledge and experience, positioning themselves as thought leaders in their niche. In this article, we will explore the benefits of blogging for small businesses and how it can lead to increased inquiries and potentially more business opportunities.

Setting an Intentional Goal to create Good Blog Habits

So why am I starting a blog? I preach that by practicing concise language around our values and beliefs, we fortify our ability to recall, recite and share our ideas with others with clarity and conviction. I am starting this blog so that I can build confidence and refinement in how I share ideas with the community. 


  • Proactively serve your community
  • Demonstrates Knowledge
  • Demonstrates Experience
  • Demonstrates Car 
  • Increase number of positive touchpoints with customers
  • Practice and improve your communication skills


  • Improves Search Engine Ranking
  • Builds Monetizable Traffic
  • Builds Social Media Content
  • Builds Newsletter List

What Makes a Good Blog

A good blog post is informative, relevant, and engaging. It should provide valuable information that is useful to the reader and address a specific topic in a clear and concise manner. It should also be written in a way that is engaging and easy to read, using language that is appropriate for the target audience.


  • Consistent Content Schedule
  • Write and Publish a Blog Daily
  • Create Featured Images
  • Prepare Meta Data
  • Share on Social Media
  • Share on Newsletter


  • Consistency of Posts
  • Time to Delivery
  • Traffic On Page
  • Social Media Following

In summary, blogging is an effective way for small businesses to gain credibility and establish themselves as experts in their field. By consistently creating valuable, relevant content and promoting their blog through various channels, small businesses can build trust with potential customers and position themselves as the go-to choice in their niche. By leveraging the power of blogging, small businesses can grow and succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.


Cyril Wong is the original Net Butlers. He has been building websites for over 30 years.

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