How to Write a Solid Elevator Pitch

Note: I recommend reading the article before watching the video.  


The Power Behind a Practiced Elevator Pitch

Have you ever been asked the question, “What do you do?” My answer: “I run a web design studio that helps businesses fix websites live over zoom.”  When you articulate who you serve and how you help your community; it clarifies for you and others what your purpose is. Once your role is defined, topics of conversation can flow freely.

Write Your Own Elevator Pitch in 15 Minutes

This is the first exercise I practice with every one of our clients that has trouble introducing their business. There are really only 5 questions you need to answer in an elevator pitch: 

  1. Who are you? 
  2. What do you do? 
  3. Who do you serve? 
  4. What is their big problem? 
  5. How do you fix their problem?

E.g. My name is Cyril Wong, and I’m the CEO/ Founder of  Net Butlers Inc. We’re a web design studio that helps business owners, update and fix their websites live over zoom. 

Watch the video above and follow along to write your own.

Tips & Tricks

  • PRACTICE OFTEN! You want to be able to recite your elevator pitch every time you need to introduce yourself or what you do. Practice will help you build the confidence you need to delivery with clarity and conviction.

  • TAKE A BREATH & SMILE. Before delivering your lines, always take a breath, stand up straight and smile. In delivery, speak slowly and concisely. 

Need Help?

Our team of professional writers and designers can help you articulate and craft a solid elevator pitch that you can feel proud to use. Book a one-hour Net Butler Live appointment to get this done before your next meeting.


Cyril Wong is the original Net Butlers. He has been building websites for over 30 years.

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