I started this journey 25 years ago as an early adopter of the internet. It was 1993 and I was 12 years old, it was my first computer and I had access to the World Wide Web from the comfort of my home. The internet was hard to navigate both because of search engines were total shit back then, and also because websites were so poorly built.

Only tech geeks built websites and they weren’t designers, or writers, or business savvy. It was just nerds making stuff for other nerds. Fast forward to today – surprise, still stuck in the same rut.

What is a website worth?

Recently a colleague of mine asked,

“Cyril, what’s the difference between a $500 website and a $5000 website? How are you different from the IT guy that says he builds websites and the guy that sat in your chair before you? “

I have been asked this question 100’s of times, but this time, I thought, “NOBODY has written the definitive guide on how to measure the worth of your website!”

What is a website?

A website is your business – completely transparent.

  • Clearly present products and services so that customers
  • Facilitate Sales
    • Captivate Audiences
    • Clearly Present Products
    • Process Transactions
  • Educate
    • Inform Buyers
    • Answer Questions
    • Entertain
  • Service