Logo Redesign Concept

Blossom Couture is a high-end clothing boutique located in downtown Los Angeles. Their target customer has an eye for fashion and values unique pieces made from sustainable fabrics. Aiming to bridge the gap between fashion and sustainability, Blossom Couture sources innovative pieces from across the globe that demonstrate innovation, style, and originality.

Desiring a minimal and elegant appearance Blossom Couture wants a brand that exudes sophistication, refinement, and luxury.


Transition: For the logo redesign I wanted to refine the original logo’s color scheme and modernize the gradient in order to update the look. As well I chose to integrate the original concept of dividing lines and utilized the negative space created from the lines to shape a more intentional design. Finally, I choose to maintain the triangle formation for its similar silhouette to natural glaciers. Below I depict these design decisions more in-depth.

Mood Board

Design Assets

Nicole Pico Mantilla

Specialized in creating memorable brands, Nicole stumbled across her passion for graphic design while studying Interior Design. Blending in her fine arts skillset and innate eye for design Nicole has capitalized on this diverse skillset to create beautiful and strategic visual systems that convey a company’s unique value, vision, and aesthetic.