Behind the Butler’s Desk

Welcome to my study. Here you will find articles I have written to organize my thoughts on how small business owners can help themselves to present with confidence to their online audience. My focus is on maximizing business opportunities using websites and Zoom with a lean towards businesses operating in the Calgary area and participating in the BNI (Business Network International) community. I hope you find this resource useful. please write me if you have any questions or comments on what I share.

Zoom Pros – Tips & Tricks

Articles to help business owners to look good and feel confident in front of customers over zoom.

Covid Convos

#COVIDConvos is a limited series following how Calgarians are adjusting to the Covid-19 recession, home office life, business landscape and what we can all do to be proactive in this challenging time.

Tracey Morrison, Mortgage Broker

Tracey Morrison, Mortgage Broker
Tracey helps us to understand some really great opportunities and options available to those looking to refinance and consolidate debt. Interest rates are as low as 2.2%! Please rate our video and be sure to leave feedback. We appreciate all…